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Writing Assignments

Just in case I didn’t make it clear.  Students have three assignments due a week in my class:

Wednesday:  Essay Rough Draft

Friday:  Reading logs, Virtue Paragraph, Essay Final Draft

The new essays are assigned on Thursdays.


Study/Social Skills

The only homework I assign for this class is a nightly journal write that needs to be at least a quarter of a page long one week on a page (front/back).  This provides a time for students to reflect on their day, the choices they made, changes they would make or pride in those they felt great about.  Writing in a journal is a great way to sort things out and a great habit to start.  Our week typically looks like this:

Monday:  Monday Meeting (put assignments on big calendar), Connect, Read chapter sections for History/Science, Organize backpacks/binders/cubbies, GE work if time permits

Tuesday:  Connect, Social or study skills activity, Ge work is time permits

Wedsnesday:  GE Support and check work

Thursday:  Connect, quiz/test prep

Friday:  Connect, vocabulary for next weeks History and Science

RSP Language Arts Requirements

Typically, the only homework assigned in Language Arts is a reading log.  Students must read at least 30 minutes every night and complete one section of the reading log which is due on Fridays.  I encourage the students to choose a book from the library with a dot so they can take an SRI computer program quiz which tests their comprehension of the book.  I have also been assigning a writing assignment that students are able to work on in class or home.  I give them a week to complete and turn in the rough draft and two more days to edit, make corrections and re-write.  Our week roughly looks like this:


-Virtue of the Week discussision, Spelling Pre-test, Library, LANGUAGE! Read novel aloud if time permits.


-LANGUAGE!  Read novel


-LANGUAGE! Read novel


-Work on Writing Assignments, Read Naturally, SRI test


-Spelling Test, work on Writing Assignments, Read Naturally, SRI test


I have been working for OCESD for 3 years as of this month and will start using this blog to communicate with parents and students.

My Where Abouts

Since my last post, I have finished the Concurrent Credential program. I chose to get a bit more in-class experience by substituting and volunteering in my own childrens’ classes before applying for positions. Last year was a whirlwind of information and experiences. I am enjoying the “down-time” and learning more with each class I visit. I will be on the hunt for jobs for the 2011-2012 school year, so wish me luck!

Sign of the Beaver….So What Happened?

I hesitate to tell, for I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read it. However, I will tell you that it is well worth reading to yourself, with your children or class. My son read it over the summer and loved it. When he started fifth grade this fall, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that his class would be reading it for Social Studies. He loved reading it again and didn’t give away any information to his classmates. His teacher even allowed me to share my Talking Power Point with the class!

So to answer….what happened? Well you’ll just have to read The Sign of the Beaver yourself and find out. Let’s just say that there are many things to learn from this book. Enjoy!

Chapter 16

As part of my student teaching experience I had to teach solo for two weeks. During this two weeks I focused on Chapter 16 of The Sign of the Beaver. I introduced Chapter 16 with a talking power point of focus and academic vocabulary words. To build fluency and further comprehension the class re-read a section of chapter 16 chorally. To access and build background knowledge, the students made predictions about Chapter 16 on their KWLA charts. To further comprehension, the students made connections between cause and effect on graphic organizers. They compared and contrasted the main characters, Matt and Attean on Venn diagrams. The activities served a dual purpose, to further comprehension and assess their knowledge.

Sign of the Beaver Activities

While the main purpose of reading this novel to the class is to model fluent reading, we are doing many activities to broaden their comprehension of it. As you know I introduced the book by showing the Talking Power Point which addressed vocabulary words. We also made a KWLA chart which is still under construction as we are learning more things everyday about the book. On Friday, the students love coming up to the whiteboard and filling in a chart of title, setting, main characters and the plot. We have also made a Senses chart, which the students told me what they saw, felt, smelled, heard, and tasted by listening to the story. I will keep you posted on other activities that we will be doing.

Change of focus.

My original focus of this BLOG was an interactive tool for the students I’m student-teaching, but this didn’t work so well. My current focus is to provide parents with “little bits” of information and resources for their children, and a small view of what we are doing in class. This BLOG will continue to evolve. I hope to someday make it interactive for my own class full of students.

RSP/SDC Experience

This is the class that I’ve been student teaching in all semester. It is a neat-freak’s dream!! Due to some of the disabilities of our students, the class must be kept uncluttered so as not to overstimulate them. The students (and teachers) at this school are extremely fortunate to have multiple high tech. gadgets such as a document camera (shown in the picture). Our class has multiple computers and a portable cart filled with laptops which are used everyday by our class for Read 180 and available to other classes.